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Sometime around mid-September the website 50 Top Pizza published its annual list of the best pizzerias in Italy (and let’s face it, in the...

Hello there, I’m Oded !

I’ve been living in Italy for a decade, and I enjoy eating. And drinking. And talking about it. Well, “enjoy” is a understatement, since eating and drinking - and especially talking about it - are my passions and some of the things that make my eyes shine and my heart widen. So in the meantime I eat, I drink and talk about it - and now I also write

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The original one and the real one

One of the little games I used to play with my guests in Rome was looking together at the pasta menu of the restaurant we used to sit at, and asking them if they’re noticing anything strange. Maybe something that is not there. Since my guests are intelligent, they always managed to spot the missing dishes, that you would probably find in Italian restaurants – outside of Italy. That would be “Rosè” and Alfredo, of course.

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Any translator would tell you that translation is hard work. Very hard. Programs and...


Origin of produce is very important for the common Italian, who as a thumb...

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Discover the Colosseum


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Origin of produce is very important for the common Italian, who as a thumb...


When Filippo Tommaso Marinetti and his fellow futurists published in February 1909 in Europe’s...


“It is not possible to step twice into the same river” (Heraclitus, Fr. B91) It doesn’t...

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